Saturday, January 21, 2012


The Consumerist on how peroxide is the "batman utility belt" of your medicine cabinet.

Lifehacker takes on prioritization - especially when everything is important. The comments on this one have some great recommendations too!

As a new home (and appliance owner), I thank Trent for alerting me that there is, in fact, a second dryer lint trap I should be cleaning out. I found our external vent, but anything inside of it is well and frozen right now, so I'm making a note to myself when the weather gets above 40 degrees or so to go take another look at it.

A great reminder that when you do something repeatedly, you are in fact practicing to do it even more. Make what you practice a conscious decision.

Awesome. Budgets are Sexy on all the stuff new home owners never think about. I think I need to have a little lie-down. (Luckily, all our appliances are relatively new, the roof and siding are brand-new, and the furnace has about half its lifespan left. We're still going to bulk up the emergency fund to cover the most expensive fix, and then some.)

I'm interested in ALL the books on this reading list from Small Notebook.

I love this little reminder that we're all only human, and often struggling for the same things.

I avoid blogs that send only snippets out in their feed - even if I love the blog, I simply don't have time to click through to a site to read it (plus, I read my feeds usually at work on my lunch break, and I don't like to click through to sites that may be viewable by my IT department). lets me subscribe to a feed that sends snippets but will put the entire post in my reader! I'm trying it out and it appears to be working - so yay! I get to read one of my favorite blogs again.

I was included in the Festival of Frugality hosted by Magical Penny. Thanks!

Online resources for living a more intentional life (via My Pretty Pennies)

Money Q&A lists four benefits for buying a house

This week's PSA - please back up your blogs! Instructions for how to do so with Blogger's new tool are here (at the bottom).

Don't forget about the Money Pros Index Fund Challenge! Currently I'm right in the middle of the pack, up almost 5% overall. I wonder how that compares to my actual investments?

One last item from The Simple Dollar - don't let the power of brand preferences keep you from making the smartest purchases!

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