Saturday, January 28, 2012


I just read this scary article about email hacking, and I vow to do a better job of managing my own online data security. I've enabled two-step verification on all of my gmail accounts, and for the ones that I don't use anymore (where all the emails forward to my new gmail inbox), I changed the passwords to gibberish using KeePass.

I love this post by Cate. Love, love, love it. I've been recognizing this tendency in myself, too, imagining a morning where I have time to do some things around the house before leaving for work but (in real life) hanging out in bed reading the news on my phone until the last possible minute. Noticing self-sabotage is the first step in changing it!

This is a really interesting decision by JC Penney - do away with sales, all merchandise is 40% off, all the time.

This book totally looks like something I'd enjoy - and yay for pantry organization tips! (via Unclutterer)

Lifehacker hacks your identity theft prevention attempts by giving you additional terms for Google Alerts to keep an eye on.

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  1. You always have the most interesting linkfests! (And I'm not saying that just because you linked me--thanks!)

    I read the whole article about the Gmail hacking and I am now thoroughly terrified. I have a few impossible-to-guess passwords, but I need to develop "tiers" like the author of that article suggested and then change a few of my passwords. A project for this week!


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