Sunday, January 22, 2012

Quick note: new URL!

Just a quick note to alert everyone that I've finally got my hands on my domain,! At this point, it looks like everything's up and running with no change to either RSS or email feeds, but of course if you notice something, please drop me a line. If I'm in your blogroll, I'd appreciate an updated linkback - I've been thinking about moving to Wordpress for some time, and the domain name helps get me one step closer to that. (If I'm not on your blogroll, I'd love to be!)

Which brings me to a second quick thing - I'm going to update my blogroll in the next couple of weeks, so if you're not included and you'd like to be, please leave me a comment with your blog URL so I can check it out!

A third quick note - thanks to those of you on Twitter who had suggestions for my 20-person brunch extravaganza this morning. Egg casserole FTW!


  1. Got ya updated on my blogroll! I'm already on yours, but if you wouldn't mind updating the link to go directly to the new site (, I'd greatly appreciate it! :)

  2. Good stuff! I can't easily comment on .blogspot addresses but this will make it much easier. I'd be honored to be included in your future Blogroll (you've been in mine for awhile)

  3. I'll definitely update my blogroll. Looks like you've got my old URL on yours too. Here's my blogspot-free URL:


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