Friday, January 20, 2012

Sh*t First Time Homeowners Say

I saw this on Blonde & Balanced yesterday and it cracked me up. Here's what those first time homebuyers say, when they renege on their agreement to rent forever and move into what they thought was their dream house:

* What's that smell?
* What's that noise?
* Is it supposed to do that?
* Where do you think that goes?
* Oops.
* What's that cable/pipe for?
* I have to pay for that separately?
* Want to go to Home Depot?
* Want to go to Home Depot...again?
* Where do we keep the toilet paper/cups/socks here?
* Do you think we got our whole security deposit back?
* All of our furniture looks weird here; I want new stuff.
* I bet the sellers knew about that.
* A plumber costs how much?
* Did you call your dad to see what he thinks about it?
* Which of these keys do you think unlocks that?
* Did you SEE that bug?
* Wait, we have to shovel how much of the sidewalk?
* I love this house!


  1. lol... When we bought out house our realtor gave us a $500 Home Depot gift card as a thank you. I thought that think would last forever. Boy, was I wrong...

  2. haha! My advice is to wait a little while to buy any new furniture. Congrats on your new house!


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