Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Spending Review

Alcohol $33.57
Blogs $82.47
Business expenses (deductable) $3.89
Car $355.13
Entertainment $24
Food—dining out $190.49
Food—groceries $306.14
Gifts $3.99
Household $37.12
House $29,409.54
Hygiene/Medical $1,137.45
Insurance $657.48
Mystery Shop Expense $33.65
Rent $450
Sewing/Quilting $88.14
Student loans $403.83
Taxes $277
Transportation $90
Utilities $183.22

Total Spending: $33,767.11

Things of note:

Most expensive month ever!!!!! Luckily, it's going to be awfully rare that we buy a whole house. :)

It really felt like a high-spending month in other areas to me, but the numbers show it wasn't really as bad as it seemed. I spent more than usual on sewing supplies, blogging, and the car (a correction to to our car insurance premium that's mostly been refunded), Peanut bought life and disability insurance, and I went to the dentist (remember, all our dental expenses are out of pocket now). But our more variable expenses - groceries, eating out, entertainment, household expenses and so on stayed reasonable and even lower than they have been lately. We also paid our last round of estimated taxes from Peanut's six months of freelancing (I'd rejoice over an upcoming easy tax year, only we just bought a house so I guess my days of 1040EZ are well behind me).

We're still owed a refund of our security deposits from our apartment plus a partial refund for the month's rent (that $450 fee is actually a lease-breaking fee). All in all, it wasn't a bad month, especially if I can rein it in on my hobby spending next month!


  1. Haha lots of spending, but if you buy 12 houses this year, then I'll be worried.

  2. Ha... I miss the days of the 1040EZ.


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