Sunday, February 12, 2012

Linkfest: Super productive edition

I have been super productive this weekend. I've always rather enjoyed housework, at least in terms of I enjoy a clean space and this is what it takes to get there. But owning my house has really brought out the Clean Person in me - I've been doing things like washing (and IRONING) curtains and scrubbing the drawer under the stove and otherwise being nitpicky - and I'm loving every minute of it. If this is nesting, Peanut is going to have to watch it when I get pregnant - I'll be scrubbing everything in sight with a toothbrush.

I think I'm done with the big stuff - just finishing up the laundry and baking an apple pie now. Then I'll get to some crafty things, like fixing the elbows on my worn cardigans and finish piecing a quilt top, relaxing in a house that's starting to feel more like my home with every weekend.

I love Cate's advice on writing thank you notes - I am a compulsive thank-you-note-writer, and I think she nails it with all of her recommendations. Writing thank you notes seems to be a lost art - but it's important. (And if you are ever in a situation where you wonder if you should write a thank you note, do it! I've never, ever regretted writing one, but I have regretted the few times when I didn't get to it. I've also never been offended by receiving one, so get to writing!)

Andrea at So Over Debt got rid of a boatload of clothes! I've been feeling an itch to declutter my own closet, even though I'm pretty sure I only want to do it as an excuse to go buy new stuff.

This post at Lifehacker has what I consider to be a really important point: "The most important thing to remember is that you have complete control over what personal data you choose to provide to any given company. You do not have to post embarrassing photos to Facebook or shop for an erotic massager on Amazon. It's important to be aware of the trade you're making every time you willingly provide information with a company's web site. You should consider each interaction like a conversation with a potentially gossipy friend. Visiting a product page on Amazon while signed in to your account can be considered the same as telling someone "I'm interested in learning more about this product." If you want to keep any information private, simply do not share it. You have to take responsibility for what you do and do not share online."

Some of Google's moves lately have made me a little uncomfortable and I've started to be more careful to log out of my account when I'm not actively using email, docs, reader or calendar. Even though I don't use their search engine (I use Swagbucks), I feel like they're keeping track of what I'm searching for when I'm logged in, and it's just too much information in one place. Unlike Facebook, which is pretty easy to avoid, I use Google to manage my life (see the list above - plus maps, image search, YouTube, Blogger...) so that will be a hard quit to make. But I have a feeling I will be making it eventually.

Five Things Wealthy People Never Say - these aren't cliched Sh*t ____ People Say quips, either, but really good advice.

Here I go getting all morbid on you again - the 25 documents you should have in place before you die (via the Wall Street Journal).

Another good reminder from Zen Habits - pause. Pause before you reach for a second helping or the remote control or a habitual internet timesuck or an angry word. Just pause, and see what happens.

And after you pause and decide to go for the timesuck anyway, here are the 102 best money websites.

EE Musings asks what you'd do if you lost your job - the worst case scenario. It wasn't until reading her post that I realized I have always done my worst case scenarios assuming that there would be no additional income - that either Peanut's or my income would totally disappear. Since unemployment is something that I've paid into with every job I've worked, I would sign up for and accept it without qualms. However, when figuring what we should have in our emergency fund, I'm going to continue to forget about it as an option, and plan for us to be self-sufficient.

I....kind of really want to bake an egg in an avocado for breakfast. That looks so weird, but it combines some of my favorite things, and the meal is the dish! Has anyone tried this?

My post about keeping up appearances was included at the carnival of financial camaraderie.


  1. Agreed with the egg in an avocado thing. Whaa? Amazing.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! Look forward to reading some of these posts that I missed.

  3. One of my friends did the avo-egg thing this weekend! She said it was delish, a bit messy to assemble (there was some egg-overage), and took longer to cook than advertised. But all in all she gave it a thumbs up!

  4. Thanks for linking me! I agree that I've never been offended to receive a thank-you note (but have been miffed to NOT receive one...not that I do nice things for the thank-yous, but seriously).

    I've been growing increasingly wary of trusting so much of my information to google/Amazon/etc as well. It really creeps me out when I search for something on the internet and then a few minutes later that item keeps showing up in ads. It just feels so Big Brother.


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