Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Recap/March Goals

February Goals
1. Make an appointment with a lawyer for drawing up wills and medical directives. This didn't get done again, but I consciously put it off. For whatever reason, I am really avoiding getting this done, and actually, I really don't need to do it right now. Peanut and I own all our assets jointly, so if something happened to one of us, the other would inherit everything. We have no kids, and our life insurance will cover the major needs that either of us will face. I know we need to do medical directives and wills, but I just can't bring myself to face our own mortality right now. I'm putting this on hold until we need to it - ie, if we're expecting a child.

2. Pay taxes - or at least fill out TurboTax to the point of readiness. Done! We owe a little less than we expected and we could give it another thorough once-over, but we'll probably wait to file until a few days before the deadline - more time for that money to earn interest for us.

3. Figure out how to fund Roth IRAs for 2012. Not done. We've just been too busy and Peanut and I disagree about how we want to handle it, so we haven't done anything about it yet.

4. Have a cheap ski weekend. Success-ish. It was a pricey vacation at just over $1,000 but we kept costs down where we could, by eating most meals at our lodge and not paying any extra for other entertainment. And it was well worth the cost!

5. Get my driver's license. Fail - I just couldn't find any day that I could be an hour late to work to deal with this. I'm doing it on Monday, though - I've already let my job know I'll be in late!

March Goals
1. Figure out how to fund 2012 Roths. Again!

2. Book my April trip. I'm going on a family trip in April and I need to figure out transportation on my end, and talk to my family about what they're covering.

3. STREAMLINE. Since about October I've felt like life is moving really fast - we were house hunting and then moving and all the while I had event after project after deadline to deal with at work. I'm really close to getting a lot of the work stuff wrapped up and then I want to deal with the pile of filing on top of the filing cabinet and the pile of magazines on my desk and the pile of books on my coffee table...I just want to get stuff done.

4. Take it easy physically. I hyperextended my leg several weeks ago, and I fell on our slippery driveway trying to manhandle the garbage can, then I took a tough yoga workshop, and then I got bruised and sore from skiing, and now my elbow is hurting in a way that seems suspiciously like a repetitive stress injury. I'm not going to avoid yoga classes or anything but I want to pay careful attention to how I'm treating my physical self.

5. Read my car's owner's manual and plan maintenance. Yes, for fun, I plan to read our car's owner's manual. I assumed that it needs an oil change every 3,000 miles/3 months, but then this article at The Simple Dollar gave me pause - I believe the 3,000/3 model because that's what my mechanic tells me - the very person who stands to gain the most if I adhere to that timing. What if the producer of my vehicle tells me otherwise?

What are your goals for the month?


  1. I would tell you that almost no car needs its oil changed every 3k miles in this day in age. They try to tell me that too -- and my car uses synthetic oil, so the real figure is something like every 15k miles. I'm serious! I wasted a lot of money before I figured this out. Great goals. :)

  2. Good idea on the oil change stuff. I know nothing about cars. I think most people are like me and just blindly trust mechanics. My goal for this month is to lose 5 lbs. Well, it's one of many. By April, I will be able to fit in those pre-pregnancy jeans! It might not be pretty, but I've gotta try!

  3. Keep number 4 at the top of your list.


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