Sunday, March 4, 2012


Wow - So Over Debt had a close call with last week's sever weather! She talks about how much it costs to prepare for emergencies, and I hope the real takeaway is that whatever the cost, we all need to be prepared.

I thought this was a really touching post from Girls Gone Child. I think my secret real self is about 17 years old - old enough for people to think I'm responsible, and for me to sometimes be responsible, but seriously, I have no idea what I'm doing!

I totally agree that financial stability impacts a marriage. I know that I felt more secure with Peanut early on in our relationship than I ever did in some of my previous ones because I knew that we were on the same page about money, and that made me not feel worried about that aspect of where we were going.

There are two quotes in this piece from Oprah's Money newsletter that I really like:
"For many of us, the current rediscovery of what my British friends call "mending and making do" feels more liberating than the go-go years ever did" - I completely agree with this! Removing the pressure to keep up with Joneses is a lot more satisfying than always have the Shiny New Thing.
"Weighing up how you spend your money recenters you, allowing you to feel the reach and heft of yourself moving through the world." I agree with this, too - realizing that spending money is a way of projecting your values into the public sphere means that you understand that with every purchase you are saying "This is me." What do your purchases say about you?

Seeing posts like this one about mending dishtowels makes me realize how far I have to go before this whole frugality thing really sinks into my bones. I'm not sure it would occur to me to do this - but why not? It works!

I used to keep all my files to one drawer of our two-drawer filing cabinet, using the other one like a desk drawer. I've since expanded to fill up most of that one, too, and I bet it's unnecessary. A file clean-up has been on my to-do list for a while, and I think I'll try to take after Small Notebook and keep it to one drawer again.

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