Sunday, March 11, 2012


Daisy is definitely not the only one who doesn't want to work for herself - it's not up my alley either. It might make me a corporate drone, but I like having someone else be the boss, so I can leave my job at work and focus on my own interests at home.

Trent's post about removing the toxic elements from his life really struck a chord with me this week. I've been trying to take more responsibility for the unpleasant things that I face on a regular basis, and doing what I can to remove them from my life. He has some good recommendations.

One Frugal Girl talks about identifying your spending black hole. I think ours is going out to eat with our friends - we're lucky to have a big group of friends that we like to see on a regular basis, but we frequently wind up going out to eat. We're trying to curb that by going to one another's homes more frequently, but there are so many of us that it's no small undertaking to feed that many people at once (even if it's a potluck - we certainly don't have enough cups, plates, or silverware to feed so many!).

And Money Saving Mom finds 7 items worth splurging on - but, she points out, that doesn't mean paying full price.

This post is brought to you by the colors lavender and purpleybrown - the colors we spent this weekend painting our bathroom and bedroom. They look fantastic, thanks to the aforementioned spending-black-hole-friends, who showed up en masse to help us out. I have a little bit of touch up work left to do, but I'm so relieved that that project is done, and so grateful that I'm not still wobbling on a ladder to finish it up myself on a Sunday night.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Always grateful for some good links outside my regular reading circle.


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