Sunday, March 18, 2012


Lovely weather makes me spend edition: This weekend, Peanut and I spent another metric ton of money, and we also bought outdoor chairs for our beautiful patio. We then ate dinner outside tonight, which was amazing and I guess worth it. After all, it's only money, right?

Andrea at So Over Debt asks who do you trust with your money - and your passwords? Don't forget to include your online accounts in an emergency information plan, so that someone can take care of your online identity as well as your financial one.

Money Beagle asks what the lowest stamp price is that you remember - I remember the increase from $.25 to $.29, when I was around 10 years old. Current stamp prices don't affect how many letters I mail now. I prefer email or online banking for a million reasons, but price really isn't one of them. I think I probably wouldn't start to balk at mailing the few letters I do until prices went up to $1 per first class envelope. I do think, however, that the postal service should cut back to five-day delivery (or even four-day!) instead of six-day delivery. I personally don't get enough mail - especially enough time-sensitive mail - to require delivery nearly all week. What about you?

I really enjoyed this Day in the Life of The Frugal Girl - other people's lives seem so much more interesting than mine, even the mundane things!

Katy at The Non-Consumer Advocate talks about her nursing degree. Although I love my job, sometimes I wish I had chosen a career with more transferable skills that isn't so sedentary. My 18-year-old self had no idea what she wanted to do, though, so I'm glad that I did eventually found something I love.

Prepare to get sick, says a GRS staff writer. It's a good point - you WILL get sick at some point, and going out to buy chicken soup and nyquil when you're already feeling puny is just not something you should subject yourself to if you can help it!

Fig talks about living like a student. I hope that the first two items remain how I live my life always - cooking at home is better for health and better for the budget, and a wardrobe that flatters and fits without costing a fortune is something I definitely aspire to. Thrift stores and discount stores are fine by me, no matter what stage of life I'm in!

MoneyCone lists the companies he or she won't do business with - and some of them surprised me! Pretty much the only company I avoid spending money with is Amazon - what about you?

My post on text message spam remains my most popular post of all time, and the issue hasn't gone away in the four and a half years (!!) I've been writing this blog. Last week, Wisebread posted about the kind of text message scams that wind up adding big subscription charges to your bill, and how to avoid them.

Yikes, Girl Makes Cents is facing a very scary situation! I talked about it a little bit on this blog when it was going on, but my last boyfriend stalked and harassed me for two years after he broke up with me. I eventually got a restraining order against him, which curbed the contact, but I still feel weird and uneasy when I think about it. If I could go back in time and change anything about it, I would tell everyone what was going on. I would tell my employer, my friends, his friends, and so on. I wouldn't keep quiet or think that it somehow reflected badly on me, because it absolutely had nothing to do with me. It was his weirdness. Of course, it's easy to look back and think that now - at the time, it was just too scary and I figured if I didn't say anything and pretended it wasn't happening, maybe it would just go away. Please keep Girl Makes Sense in your thoughts as she deals with this guy.

#pfworkout! I'll play - I am trying to be more diligent about having a home yoga practice, so that's what my tweets will reflect. I did one on Thursday, one yesterday, and went to class this morning, so I'm starting off on a good foot.

Check out this Money Cactus post about hyperbolic discounting, which is one of the most fantastic explanations I've ever read about why I end up not doing something I said I would do, like, um, a home yoga practice.

Trent discusses the value of fixing things yourself. As I type this, Peanut is working on our sink and garbage disposal. The sink has drained slowly since we moved in, and twice this week the dishwasher backed up several inches of gross water into the sink. Unfortunately, our DIY skills are pretty nonexistent, and we don't have the majority of the tools we need to do any repair. At this point, the problem is worse than it was when we started (now on top of slow draining, we have drips! and leaks!), we can't figure out what's wrong, and Home Depot is closed. Awesome.

I'm still glad we went this route first, but it's a lot of headache for 9 p.m. on a Sunday night.


  1. I do all those student things too, and yes, I consider them a permanent lifestyle choice - though not sure if we can sustain the one-car thing indefinitely.

    I'd say your career is fairly transferable - it's not like you're a teacher or nurse. I think we sometimes overestimate what transferable skills actually are.

  2. Good links and thanks very much for including my article about stamp prices. It's been interesting to see the various responses about the first stamp price remembered.

  3. I remember when stamps were 22 cents, but not much before. My dad has long been a stamp collector, so stamps were a big deal to me as a kid.

    I wouldn't have a problem with the postal service going to five days a week, but if they do I wish they would cut some day other than Saturday. I do send some time-sensitive stuff, and if I forget to send something on Friday, that's two days that I'm screwed. Maybe they could take Wednesday off? Heck, maybe they could run routes every other day.


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