Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Second car

So, yes, we bought a jeep over the weekend.

I am of two minds about it. First, I really was holding closely to the idea of being a one-car family, or even better, not owning a car at all and taking the bus everywhere (although you will note exactly how long I took the bus myself, which was not at all). I just like the idea of being different, or embracing great difficulty for the righteous position it can give me, or something. (My On Change post was not about buying the jeep, although it could certainly apply, this sense of living a different life than the one I envisioned for myself.) So in that sense I am a little disappointed that in less than a year we went from totally urban apartment-dwellers with unlimited metrocards to semi-urban homeowners with more vehicles than our garage will hold.

On the other hand, Peanut has talked about owning another jeep since I've known him. He had one in high school (well, he had two in high school, at the same time, but that's another story) and that's his dream car. We had the money saved up for him to start looking. After a few weeks, he found one in decent condition and the right make and model and whatnot only an hour away, so this past weekend he went out there with his mechanic brother and bought it. I may not have seen this man so happy since the day he proposed to me, and it's been really cool to see one of his dreams come true under our own power. Also, the jeep is pretty freaking cool to ride in, and now I will learn to drive a stick shift! Today I managed to get moving from a stop without stalling out, so that's a big improvement.

So now we are a two-car family, and one of those cars is a collectible that's nearly as old as we are.


  1. My husband had the exact same dream and we bought a jeep a couple of years ago. Love that thing, but it only has two doors, which is not so practical with a baby. My husband takes it to work and I take it out on weekends if I go anywhere without the little one.

  2. My bf loves Jeeps also. We just bought him a used one last month. He never shuts up about it now.

  3. My father-in-law is a jeep lover. He still has his first one from the 70's though it's pretty much just a frame covered up with a tarp and the engine somewhere else in the garage. He bought one that is around the same time that actually runs and has been having fun driving it and making repairs to it.

  4. I believe this is exactly how couples should be. A second car may have gone against the life you envisioned, but nothing can trump the happiness of seeing you significant other light up with joy because together, you made a dream come true.

    Enjoy it, you are already warming up to it.


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