Monday, March 19, 2012

Sometimes I fail at being an adult

You guys, I feel like such a jerk.

I got home from work and was really excited to start my home yoga practice. I got into it and all of a sudden the doorbell rang. I answered it, a little flustered from being upside down, sweaty, and thinking that I was pretty sure I'd noticed that my workout shirt is getting kind of sheer when I put it on, and of course, there's a kid standing there, a like thirteen-year-old boy, with a stack of something or other in his hand and he tells me his name and that he lives up the street and was I interested in buying...*something or other* and I was like ack! I just want to close the door so he doesn't see me in my sweaty grossness and my see-through shirt!

So I told him well, you know, I don't have any cash on me but come back in half an hour or so and my husband will be home. So, that was the first jerky thing - foisting it off on Peanut and making this hopeful kid come to our house a second time when I'm pretty sure that whatever it was he was selling (honestly I've no idea what it was) we're not going to buy it anyway.

Then Peanut got home and was all like, hey, let's go for a ride in the jeep before it rains!* And I was like OKAY! So we got in the jeep and rode to Home Depot for bolts so we could actually attach the license plates to the jeep. So when the kid came back to our house, we weren't even home. I feel like we were hiding from this teenager trying to raise money for school!

And now I keep muttering to myself every ten minutes, Gosh, I'm such a jerk. Why didn't I just tell him I wasn't interested this year? Or why don't I have some workout shirts that you can't see through, so I can answer the door if someone rings the bell and be calm? That was the first person to ring the bell who wasn't expressly invited by us since we moved in two months ago! Our first visitor!

Oh, and then of course, I'm also feeling guilty for not buying whatever it is he was selling in the name of school spirit and whatnot but jeez louise we are bleeding money out all over the place already and I'm pretty sure I can live without it.

Talk me down, guys. Tell me about the time some adult was a jerk to you as a kid and how you survived just fine. It seems like in all my memories adults seemed confident and capable and unflappable in all situations, and here I am in my adult life squawking about my husband not being home and then running off to hide from the vice president of the chess club or whatever.

* Um, I didn't tell you that we bought a jeep two days ago?


  1. I saw my neighbor's dad naked once and I turned out okay. ;)

    When he comes back (if he comes back...), I would just be honest. "I really wish I could help you, but we just don't have any extra money right now." Something like that. He'll be fine....don't beat yourself up.

  2. I have done a LOT of fundraising in my life (yay competitive dancing!), and I was a pretty sensitive kid, but I don't remember any fundraising experience that scarred me or anything! haha

    As long as someone wasn't downright MEAN to me, I just brushed it off. Sometimes I would see people in their house, and they wouldn't come to the door, but I knew that my mom sometimes "hid" from kids selling stuff if she really didn't want to buy anything. Sometimes people said "no". My sister and I eventually stopped going to the houses that always said no, but I really don't remember being upset by anyone. Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it that much. (Okay, I say that, but know I would feel bad too. But I don't think YOU should, lol)

  3. You genuinely forgot, you didn't intentionally avoid the kid. (And do you know that he actually came back? You weren't home, after all.) Though it usually is better to just say no. If he's going door to door fundraising, he's going to get a lot of nos, and one in particular is not going to stand out to him. Unless of course, your shirt was see through. Then you he will remember ;)

  4. I ordered a random item from some kid that knocked on my door once. Luckily payment wasn't due until the item arrived, because I never saw the kid again. Now I don't feel bad saying no - I just tell them, "My son sells things for school too, so I usually buy from him."

    NO ONE likes getting a knock at the door from someone asking for money. You're not obligated - don't beat yourself up about it!

  5. LOL. So funny. I'm sure lots of people do that - I hate answering my door to people (yes even kids) who are asking for money. I usually buy girl guide cookies though.

    I think you're off the hook since it wasn't intentional!

  6. Hahahaha he will get over it. Too funny though. How do you like the Jeep?? My boyfriend drives a Jeep Patriot and loves it!

  7. I think you can let this one slide, you were caught off guard and a bit flustered. You also didn't do it on purpose. If you want to support, you will try not to miss the next time because there will be a next time.

    And no you didn't mention the Jeep. Wowza! I bet it is really nice.

  8. I buy the cheapest thing they're selling. Always. Because I don't know how to tell a little kid no. Maybe someday I'll learn?

  9. HAH. I'm not mocking your lack of adultness so much as thinking: this is very much like what I'd do if I hadn't thought fast enough not to open the door in the first place which is my go-to mode when juuust flustered enough by circumstances. Normally I feel compelled to open it as if I'm obliged. And then wonder what to do in my state of disarray. (Linked!)


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