Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Women's Money Week: Saving and Investing

I'm just going to throw this out there: I think women are generally better able at saving money than men.

I don't really have a lot to base that on, just my gut feeling and general experience with my significant others. I've noticed that women also seem more likely to do "saving" things like use coupons, shop from a list, cruise the clearance racks, and stuff like that.

On the other hand (and it's not just me noticing this), men seem more likely to invest with their money. Women are sort of stereotypically scared of the stock market, and tend to be conservative with their savings and investments. These generalities seem to be true of me, at least. That's why it was such a breath of fresh air for me to discover the pf blogosphere and read about women following the stock market, watching their net worth, and buying individual stocks.

It's important that both everyone learn to both save and invest, regardless of gender. Savings is an important facet of managing one's money: saving for emergencies, saving for large purchases, and saving for the future cannot be overlooked. However, investing is a way to increase passive income, increase retirement contributions, and participate in the larger economy, and needs to be included if you're going to have a well-rounded financial plan.

On this note, we'll check in on the MoneyPros Index Fund Challenge - I'm still pretty much in the middle of the pack and am earning a respectable 8% return on my "money". It's been interesting to watch this challenge go on and determine who's doing the best and why - I would be very curious to find out the genders of all the participants to see how the risk stereotype plays out across this small sample.

What do you think: do men and women differ in their saving and investing habits?


  1. I completely, completely agree with your observation. I've always been a husband? Not as much. However, once we got married he turned into a super saving machine. I like to think my way of doing things rubbed off on him :) However, he has always aggressively invests his money and has tried to move me in that direction while we're young.

  2. I don't necessarily agree that women are generally better at saving money than men, I think it about evens out. Women are generally better at finding better deals than men so they can save on the sticker price of an item; but with just saving money, I would say that is equal across both genders.

    I can agree with the second part though that women are more conservative with their savings than men.


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