Thursday, April 5, 2012

Liar, liar, pants on fire


Inspired by So Over Debt's crazy plagiarism story, I ran a quick google search on random sentences from every guest and sponsored post I have ever accepted, and what do you know - a post I accepted last June was not an original post.

I'm unclear at this point whether it was a plagiarized post or a simple re-using of the exact same content by the same author, but I don't really care. I was promised an original and unpublished post, and the post had appeared in its entirety elsewhere only two weeks beforehand. I try to assure a certain kind of quality in the guest and sponsored posts that I accept, and one stipulation is that it needs to be unique content, something that isn't being plastered all over town. I know guest and sponsored posts aren't the most fun thing to read as a reader, so I do try to vet them before posting and I mark them clearly with tags and at the top of posts or in the header, so that readers who want to skip them can easily do so.

Because I believe in publicly flogging people who do sucky things like that, here's a warning for other bloggers: avoid if they contact you regarding a guest post!

In future, all guest and sponsored posts will be verified for originality. I'm sorry I didn't catch the duplicity, but I'll be watching for it going forward.


  1. Wow, totally unacceptable! I've stopped accepting random guest post offers partly because the offers are so random and poorly written but now we have to be careful about whether they're ethically challenged too! Ugh.

  2. That so bad. Perhaps I'm naive but I wouldn't even *think* to steal someone's post. Especially since it only takes a quick Google search to find out if the post is original or not.

  3. That sucks that they were dishonest. Thanks for the heads up!


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