Saturday, April 21, 2012

Linkfest: Rainy day edition

To start: a poll. How would you spend 30,000 credit card rewards points? Peanut and I put EVERYTHING on our credit card (which is no-fee) in order to get rewards points. I shopped around the rewards website to see what we could get, and here's an interesting list:
* Kuerig coffee maker
* Radio flyer wagon
* Wii Fit
* Turkish bathrobe
* Gift cards to various retailers in various denominations
* Turkish bathrobe
* Breadmaker, ice cream maker or Emeril crockpot
* Golf bag or golf clubs (not both!)
* Carryon suitcase
* Account credit or check to cash

The credit or cash are the worst options in terms of "value". I am 99% sure I already know what I'm going to get - what would you get?

The Motley Fool guest posts on Get Rich Slowly detailing how you'll probably need less in retirement than you do now. This was a great post for me to see, since I'm kind of panicky about not saving enough for retirement, even though we save between 12-15% of our gross income between Roth IRAs and pre-tax contributions.

The Non-Consumer Advocate faces a position I'd like to be in - when you make less money one year to the next but don't really notice in your standard of living. We'll make less money this year than we did last year, but I feel like our standard of living has drastically improved, now that we're living in our own house and everything. I'd like to see how it plays out when we have a year where we DON'T do something drastic like meet the love of our lives (four years ago), move in together (three years ago), get engaged (two years ago), get married (18 months ago), move across the country (one year ago), and buy a house (three months ago). You know, just for comparisons' sake. That'll help me actually notice a difference like earning slightly more or less than a previous year.

Andrea (from So Over Debt)'s guest post at the Daily Money Shot is a great one (as usual) - how her parents raised her to be a financial disaster, by accident. Very insightful!

Well, it's a short linkfest for me this week, as I'm off on vacation with my mom and sister (on a budget!). Here's wishing y'all a lovely week!


  1. Hmm... I would go for the breadmaker, personally, because I've wanted one for a while but haven't been willing to spend the money on one. The ice cream maker would tempt me though, because even though I wouldn't use it as often as a breadmaker, I LOVE ice cream!

  2. I typically get cash - nothing on that list appeals to me much, so I think that's whta I'd do. Unless the gift cards were for places I typically shop

  3. I usually go for the cash unless the gift cards are both a better deal and available for places I shop regularly. There's never really anything on the list I want. My other option is for travel, but the cash usually ends up being a better deal for some reason.

  4. I'd get the coffee maker or the Wii Fit. I hate the reward points cards, I switched my AmEx Blue to cash but it's really just cash points. If you like rewards cards, I've found the Amazon Visa to be convenient - there's ALWAYS stuff to get from Amazon with points. :P

  5. I'd go for the gift cards if I usually shopped at the places...if not I'm with Allison and would go for the breadmaker. I've also wanted one for awhile but haven't wanted to pay for it! I'm not sure I would actually use it a lot so it wouldn't feel as big a waste if I got it off points!


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