Monday, April 9, 2012

Linkfest - rhubarb edition

The awkward tip from last Monday's Smart, Pretty and Awkward is brilliant - a perfect primer for your next meetup or networking event.

For bloggers who are worried about being hacked - how to scan your site for free.

20Something Finance takes on electricity costs - I just found out that my local library rents out Kill-A-Watts! I'll be signing up to get one and we'll see what kinds of savings I can reap as well.

A super neat thing offered by Hennepin County here in Minnesota - Citizens Academy. Learn about how roads are plowed, visit the jail and court, see the dump - what cool things! I want to attend one of these courses in the future and this would be a really cool thing to bring kids to as well!

Gretchen at The Happiness Project has such a knack for getting me to think about happiness in a totally different way. Last week's suggestion was to find a comfort food for your mind! I have a couple comfort foods for my mind, although it never occurred to me to identify them that way before. They are:
* reading an engaging novel
* having a clean home
* the "during" of a great yoga practice

It can be hard to gear myself up sometimes to clean or do yoga - but if I think about the benefits as comfort food for my happiness, I might be less procrastinatory towards them!

Consumerist linked to Money Under 30's post about the costs of having a baby - and while there's lot of good stuff in the original post, the comments on the Consumerist post are also worth a read!

"You won't ever have enough money until you realize that you already have more than enough money." This quote from Trent's Reader Mailbag is really sticking with me today. What a great reminder for me.

This weekend Peanut and I harvested the first few stalks off our amazing rhubarb plant from our backyard. Tonight I'll be making some strawberry-rhubarb freezer jam, but it's apparent that we're going to have a TON of rhubarb to go through all summer long. If you've got any great rhubarb recipes, please leave them in the comments!!

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  1. Stewed rhubarb is good. Put about 4-5 cups in a pan, add about an inch of water and put on low. Stir occasionally. When it smells like rhubarb, it's done. Let it cool down and then add sugar (or stevia). Keep adding sugar until you like how it tastes. We put it on top of vanilla ice cream and also just eat it straight.

    Rhubarb bread is also good - recipes abound on the internet.


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