Sunday, April 15, 2012

Linkfest: Weird weather edition

Yesterday I got a sunburn riding around in a topless jeep and gardening. Today I watched hail litter a yard and readied myself to hide in the basement from tornadoes. Tomorrow, it might snow. Where am I, again?

Money Under 30 shares some common misconceptions about money. I couldn't really pick a favorite; there are some great ones there!

Lifehacker details how identities are stolen and how you can protect yourself. A key thing to know: usually if this happens to you, the only thing you could have done to avoid it is to always pay cash. Since that's not practical, the second-best option is to stay on top of your finances and check your accounts frequently, so that when trouble shows up, you spot it quickly.

I am totally with Daisy on this one: I don't get no-spend days. Many of my days are effectively no-spend days, but I don't track them and I don't set them as a goal. Skipping the grocery store one day for another doesn't really make a difference to my pocketbook - but stifling the urge to go shopping for entertainment always does. So I just stifle that urge always.

This "Any Questions?" post at The Non-Consumer Advocate has some great stuff going on in the comments.

Debt Ninja takes on a dilemma I dealt with a long time ago - what's worth more, money or time? Overtime is great because it can fatten up your bank account...but when it leaves you exhausted, only eating takeout, and crashing into bed as soon as you get home, is that extra cash still worth it? Ultimately, I didn't think so.

Jessie and Jordan budgeted for a baby even though it's not in their immediate future - Peanut and I pretty much did the same thing, which is part of what kicked off our move from New York. There's really no such thing as planning too far ahead!

A really fantastic post from The Frugal Girl - earn more or save more, do we have to choose? I agree that both elements are important. As I get older, I find that I am more and more interested in being more self-reliant, and earning more is frequently dependent on others (not just a boss or a company - but if you're self-employed, you're relying on the market and customers as well). Being frugal and learning to make do goes further to make me independent than earning more money could ever do.

Well, I'm off to read The Tightwad Gazette while waiting for my bathtub caulk to cure. This was a pretty handy weekend and I feel very accomplished - and also sore, tired, sunburned and sweaty. Here's hoping I don't wake up to two inches of snow in this bizarre Minnesota spring!

How was your weekend?

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