Sunday, April 1, 2012


This post is brought to you by the first fire that we made in our fire pit in our backyard. I am delighted with our house, and my delight grows with every warm and sunny day.

A lot of One Frugal Girl's ways to waste less time apply to everyone, not just mothers of newborns! My favorites, and the ones I've had a lot of success with myself, are 1) to read Google reader in list view, skimming headlines and clicking only the articles that really interest me, and 2) to stop requesting all the freebies just because they're free!

I'm not over ee musings' post on pf topics she's over! My pet peeve is the post apologizing for not posting regularly, with no actual content!

Small Notebook continues easing our lives with tips for keeping your medicine cabinet organized. I grew up with boxes the same way she describes, but since my parents were in medicine, our boxes said things like "contusions", "analgesics", and "surgery". Mine are a little simpler nowadays, but I do like to keep things grouped together and neat. Today's big success was finally unpacking our "linen closet" - the upstairs spare bedroom - of all things beauty and medicine related. I now have drawers for "face stuff", "body stuff", "hair stuff", and "travel" (all those little sample sizes!).

Nerd alert - I love diagramming sentences. I don't do it on a regular basis or anything, but if my mind starts to wander, I sometimes catch myself diagramming sentences in my head. So I really loved this New York Times blog piece about the history of the practice and whether it's relevant anymore - or ever was.

Another hit from Small Notebook this week - help your future self. Keeping this in mind did a lot for me in terms of helping me set up routines for going to bed on time and taking my lunches to work and that sort of thing.

Her Every Cent Counts ponders what if I don't want to be a leader? I had this thought on and off for a few years before we left New York, and I gradually came to the conclusion that I really don't want to be a leader. I'd rather have my life be my life than be The Boss, the one who has to deal with all the Problems and make all the Decisions and ultimately be Responsible. I'd rather show up to work and then leave work at work and go home where I'm building the life I'd prefer to be living. It's weird to think about sometimes - like there's no room for growth at my job except becoming the boss of my department when my current boss leaves, but I don't think I'd want that. So I'm not sure where that leaves me in terms of what I'd do instead, but it feels a lot better than stressing over actually getting her job and when and all that.

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