Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Recap/April Goals

March Goals
1. Figure out how to fund 2012 Roths. Sort of figured - we've started transferring $1,000 per month into our savings account with the intent of maxing out the Roths at the end of the year. I'd like to do it throughout the year, but the reality is that our spending has been really unpredictable lately and it makes more sense to stay as liquid as possible right now.

2. Book my April trip. Plane ticket booked. I still need to plan for food and fun spending, but otherwise I'm set!

3. STREAMLINE. Success! March was an amazingly productive month for me, both at work and at home, and I'm very pleased.

4. Take it easy physically. Pretty good. I kept up with yoga despite my hyperextended knee, and I've been working on a home practice that's designed to deal with the repetitive strain I'm starting to feel in my elbows.

5. Read my car's owner's manual and plan maintenance. Yes, for fun, I read our car's owner's manual. I know, my dazzling life is hard to keep up with sometimes. In it, I learned that we should change the oil every 4,000 miles - not every 3,000, but not every 5,000 either. So, at this point, I am slightly overdue for an oil change, but at least I didn't get it done at 3,000 and waste money.

April Goals
1. Get the oil changed. Needs to happen!

2. Set a budget for my trip. And stick to it! I'm really only covering food and fun, so it shouldn't be that much. But I want to still set an intention and stick to it.

3. Have a low-key birthday. My birthday falls in the middle of the month and I want to keep it simple this year, but I still want to mark it.

4. Try four new recipes. Pinterest has been giving me all sorts of ideas for recipes to try...but that's only useful if I use them!

5. Clean out the filing cabinet. It hasn't been done in a while and it should be.

What are your goals for the month? 



  1. I've never thought about reading my owner's manual to plan for maintenance. Usually I just do what needs to be done with it and then be done with it. You might be on to something here. Thanks for that btw.

  2. You did pretty sweet in March. I bought my car used so I don't have an owner's manual, I do know that even if I did, I am long overdue for an oil change, I've been pushing it back mostly due to trying to save some money, I checked the oil myself and it doesn't look bad but I do know it needs to be changed, I'm planning to do it this month but I am so hesitant about it, I want to do a full service like changing spark plugs and the likes as well, just because I don't know when they were last changed.


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