Monday, April 16, 2012

Mid-month goal check-up

I figured since by this time of the month I'm usually like "goals? What goals?", I'd add a mid-month goal check to my to-do list (along with handy calendar reminder). That way I can actually get things done! With no further ado, here's where I stand with April's goals.

1. Get the oil changed. Done!

2. Set a budget for my trip. Budget...sort of set. Travel and stuff is now taken care of, so I just need to figure out what I'll spend on food and sundries.

3. Have a low-key birthday. On schedule!

4. Try four new recipes. Doing well so far - I tried a lentil and tofu curry last week (yech!), made homemade strawberry-rhubarb freezer jam, and if it counts, I threw together a leftovers fried rice tonight, using up a bunch of odds and ends and fixing lunch for two days all at once.

5. Clean out the filing cabinet. Yeah....about that...


  1. So all you need to do now is clean out the filing cabinet it seems. Hop to it :)

    You've done great so far. I too just got my oil and other things changed on my car.

  2. I have a great lentil recipe that I'll look for. Lentil is rather tricky.


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