Thursday, April 12, 2012

Odds and Ends

Peanut and I filed our taxes yesterday. We're not exactly procrastinators - we knew we were going to have to pay quite a bit thanks to his freelance work last year, and we see no reason to hand that money over any earlier than we're required to. We filed a few days before the deadline in case anything was amiss, and it was a good thing we did - one of our state returns was rejected for a small error, but has been refiled. Let's not talk about the nice used car we could be buying this weekend instead of paying taxes. :p

Peanut logged in to our bank account to balance the spreadsheet and noticed three mysterious fees for a "closed foreign account" - nearly $600 worth! Neither of us have ever lived overseas or owned a foreign bank account, so naturally, we are quite concerned. He's already been on the phone with our bank who is "taking it seriously" and has "temporarily" credited us the withdrawals until they can tell what happened. The rep he spoke with had never even seen these fees before - so it's pretty weird.

I can't figure out how to get grocery store coupons at my grocery store. I know, first world problems. But our grocery store sends out a little coupon book with coupons that don't appear anywhere else! I used to get the book automatically when we lived in an apartment building, but not anymore. I've signed up with the grocery store, given them my address, subscribed to their email newsletter, used their loyalty card - I'm handing over all sorts of information about my shopping habits and I'm not getting any coupons out of it! Tomorrow when I go in (knowing all about the sales that I can't access without that coupon book, thanks to their newsletter), I'm going to go ask the customer service desk what gives. I may also start buying the Sunday paper for the manufacturer's coupons, to see if it's worth a subscription.

What's new with you? 


  1. That's really random - and scary! Luckily it's a bank thing because they'll usually be able to fix their mistake in a timely manner.

  2. Fraudulent charges are always scary, bank error or not. I would hate to depend on that money and then see it missing to a place I don't recognize.

  3. I never handle bank errors over the phone. I always go into the bank asap.


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