Monday, May 14, 2012

1800Flowers is dead to me

That's it. I am totally done with TOTALLY. DONE.

I should have learned my lesson two and a half years ago, but they were able to make good on that situation, eventually, and they had the best price and a GUARANTEED delivery for Mother's Day. And I figured, hey, two and a half years, they've probably got their act together now. I even selected flexible dates, deliver on Saturday or Sunday, in hopes that would increase the chances of delivery.

Yeah. Guess who didn't get flowers for Mother's Day?

I am so pissed. I called this morning and they said, "Oh, sorry about that. The florists were really busy yesterday so they didn't get the flowers to your mom. We can deliver them today."

UM. It's MOTHER'S DAY. It's one of the biggest floral holidays of the entire year, and you don't take orders that you can't fill. It's not even that they ran out of that particular bouquet or some of those flowers or anything - they just "couldn't get to it".

(I should note here that my mother does not live in a rural area. She lives in a major suburb of the fourth largest city in her state, an area that is totally hopping. There are florists all over, including one within about three blocks of her house. There are also several grocery stores with nice floral departments that offer delivery. There is no excuse for this.)

But then I got a garbled message that appeared to indicate that I could not be guaranteed a delivery date for any point in the future ("Not today. Maybe tomorrow. Or possibly Wednesday."), and I called back to cancel the order and request a refund. The guy I spoke with couldn't tell me how much my refund would be. He gave me three different numbers, two lower and one higher than what I'd actually paid, and his reasoning was that I'd gotten a discount and so I wouldn't get that refunded.

Which, obviously. If I didn't pay it, I don't expect to get it back.

What I wanted refunded was the amount of money that was actually charged to my credit card, and I had to log in to my credit card account and give him that number three times before he agreed to refund me that same amount.

We'll see. I'm supposed to get the full refund within five to seven business days, and you better believe I will be watching that like a hawk - and if it doesn't show up on time, I will be filing a chargeback with my credit card company. 1800Flowers is also sending me a $25 gift certificate towards a future order, which I plan to point at and laugh in a very unladylike manner, because they have got their heads screwed on backwards if they think I am EVER going to do business with or recommend their company again.

I have now ordered flowers directly from a local florist (using a lesson I learned four years ago and should have remembered) which will be delivered today, in a lovely arrangement that was cheaper than 1800Flower's price with discount anyway. Just goes to show you - buying local means you're not subsidizing search engine advertising.

Have you ever had a bad experience with a national internet company? How did you handle it?



  1. Ugh! That sucks. :( I'm sorry. Especially because it's not the first time they have done that!

  2. That sucks! They screwed up my first ever flowers from my now husband (boyfriend of 4 months at the time). I spent the whole day wondering if he'd do anything, and he spent the whole day assuming I'd received them but was either ungrateful or not impressed enough to say thanks. We may not have even spoken that night, I can't remember (he was traveling, that I remembered). They were delivered - wilted and practically dead - the next day, and they didn't give him a discount or anything!

  3. What a horrible experience! I definitely will be avoiding them in the future. Good luck, hope you can get everything worked out.

  4. this really pissed me off! they should not take orders of they don't mean to deliver it.


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