Saturday, May 5, 2012

April Spending Review

Alcohol $9
Business expenses (deductable) $3.89
Business expenses (reimbursable) $954.53
Car $154.10
Charity $10
Entertainment $59
Food—dining out $320.01
Food—groceries $171.47
Gifts $21
Household items $113.15
House $1,392.29
Hygiene/Medical $1025.74
Jeep $84.94
Sewing/Quilting $93.15
Student loans $403.83
Taxes $5,346.35
Transportation $60
Utilities $243.35
Yoga $40

Total Spending: $10,494.80

Things of note: 

Ugh, another high spending month. At least the taxes weren't as bad as we feared they might be, and that also takes care of the last of Peanut's freelance work. We have to pay estimated taxes again this year, even though he didn't do any freelance work last year, but if we didn't agree, we'd have had to to pay a penalty. Because of this, we're actually looking at a refund next April, which is very unusual for us. I'd rather have the money in my pocket now, but I also don't want to pay a penalty on the office chance Peanut does pick up enough freelance work that we have to pay again.

Aside from taxes, dental visits for both of us, and my vacation/quilt project spending, it wasn't too bad of a month. Hopefully that's the end (for a while) of the unusual months so we can get back to rebuilding our savings instead of spending it!

How'd you do with April spending?

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