Monday, May 7, 2012


It's been a while since I did a linkfest! Here are some of the posts that caught my eye around the blogosphere lately.

Use leftover bits of wine to make wine jelly - yes, please! I want to try a few unique and unusual jellies this summer - this one, lilac jelly, and a dandelion jelly are on my list. If they turn out all right, I might enter them in the fair.

I absolutely loved this tweet from Smart, Pretty and Awkward. Take it to heart! (Speaking of SP&A, I'm writing a post for one of her upcoming Coffee with Molly newsletters - stay tuned for details!)

Via Midway Simplicity, 27 simplicity legends reveal their tips to you - some good ones on this list!

How do you get a raise or a promotion? Stay positive and focus on high-visibility projects. This is really great advice - it's easy to get caught up in the daily grind, but focusing on projects that other people will notice is important. Another way to do this is to start a weekly status report and send it to your boss outlining everything you've done all week. It can be a little annoying to keep track of your time like this, but it can also give you a solid track record to bring up at reviews - if it doesn't pay for itself automatically before then! (I used to do this at my old job, and my boss would forward it to her boss, and she would forward it to the CEO. I made sure to talk about things that made MY higher-ups look good, so they were compelled to share the information. It also got me on a first-name basis with the CEO, out of a 700-person company. All for a simple weekly email!)

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