Friday, May 18, 2012

Mid-Month Goal Check

In an effort to remember that I made goals, I'm trying to remember to check in on them mid-month.

1. Start trying to live on one income again. We're working on it!

2. Bring homemade lunch to work three times a week. Doing pretty well with this so far, actually. I just have to remember to get more non-frozen-stuff from the grocery store this weekend for next week.

3. Sort through the stuff my mom brought me. Haven't even started. I'll try to get through a box or two this weekend!

4. Get back into the yoga home practice habit. Haven't even thought about it!

5. Break out and USE the super handy-dandy house maintenance and cleaning schedule that I created and stuck on a shelf. I haven't broken out the book, but I have...thought about some of the things on there. We've been so focused on planting and trimming stuff that I haven't thought much about the rest of it.

How are your goals going this month?


  1. I have a post just like this for tomorrow! Looks like you're doing really well! I always spend more time thinking about doing things than actually doing it! My main prob was forgetting some of the goals I had set.


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