Saturday, June 30, 2012

Linkfest: Long June Edition

I'm back from all my work travels and I'm mostly over the jetlag and caught up on laundry. I'm looking forward to a quiet few weeks!

If you read only one link from this post, please let it be this one!
This article at Rolling Stone is one of the most moving, scary accounts of the recession I've ever read. I read it sitting in my backyard, keenly aware of how truly lucky I've been in every step of my life, and how very easily it could all crumble away. Not something I'm frequently reminded of, but frankly, it's an important lesson to remember.

There's some great stuff in this article at the Atlantic about why women still can't have it all. I particularly agree with the line "Having control over your schedule is the only way that women who want to have a career and a family can make it work." I think that's generally true for both men and women, but probably a little more true for women.

A tricky thing about our modern life is how to get copies of pictures you're in or that were taken by other people - when they're just posted to Facebook, no one gets copies made anymore! Lifehacker has a great tutorial about how to automatically get your hands on digital doubles.

Trent recommends you check out the library - it's not just for books anymore! I've mentioned before on here that my library even lends out Kill-A-Watts so you can check the electricity usage in your home - for free!

I have bad luck when it comes to TV - if I like a show, that means it'll be cancelled, probably in the middle of the season. Luckily, I09 comes to my rescue with a list of books for fans of cancelled TV shows.

Harkening back to my first link, Trent talks about the value of family-friendly benefits. Peanut and I effectively made this trade-off - we went with much lower salaries for the chance to own a home, have a little more space, and work less time-intensive jobs so that eventually we'll be able to have a family and actually be around to enjoy it!
Money Mate Kate details the steps she recommends for dealing with travel mishaps - great advice from a seasoned traveler! Don't spend your time in line at the airport, whining to a harried customer service rep - take the opportunity to see some sites while you're stranded.

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