Sunday, June 3, 2012


I love this question and the comments at Money Saving Mom - ideas for meatless meals that men will eat. I don't want to rag on Peanut, but he does fall into that stereotype of not liking a lot of my vegetarian meals. (Of course, I have been known to have a can of green beans and a piece of bread and butter for dinner, so he may have a point.) Anyway, there are a lot of things on there that I think BOTH of us would enjoy!

Two more great fill-your-freezer recipes from Money Saving Mom - chocolate chip cookie dough (YES) and energy bites.

Two questions in one of Trent's recent mailbag posts gave me some interesting thoughts. Are you a cash-spender or a cash-hoarder? (I have, at different times, been both. Right now, I think I'm a cash-hoarder. I hate spending cash!) And if you have a two-person household, how do you decide which hobbies are "too expensive" - especially when they're not yours? Luckily Peanut and I have not had a disagreement about this, even though we both have some could-be-expensive hobbies.

Two useful posts for those in the #couponchallenge: How to Use Coupons to Save Money and How I Reduced Our Grocery Bill by $80 in One Month.

The effects of comparison on happiness are almost always happiness-reducing.

Statistically, right now, your 401(k) is not that great of an investment vehicle. But here's what to do about it!

This looks just like the kind of book I'd like to read: The End of Money.

And lastly, The Nation eloquently highlights a number of the reasons I avoid doing business with Amazon - along with some new ones.

What good posts have you seen around the web this week?

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