Sunday, June 10, 2012


Growing potatoes in a bag? Why, I don't think I mind if I do!

JD Roth asks why don't people talk about money? I definitely agree with him about fear of judgment being a factor. A year ago, I wrote about being shy about how much I made. Now that I've taken a substantial paycut by moving away from New York, has my situation changed? I have no reason to be embarrassed that I make more than them - if anything, I now make less than they do (with a comparably lower cost of living, of course). But, no - I still feel icky talking about how much I make, because I'm afraid they would judge me for giving up a good salary in New York for so much less in the midwest. It's completely bizarre. Peanut and I are always wondering about our friends' financial situations, but we would never ask. We have been very open about the house-buying process, but beyond that...I don't know, it gets squicky.  How do you feel about talking about money with people you know in real life?

Krystal at Give Me Back My Five Bucks talks about adding an egg to ramen noodles to increase the flavor and health factors. I regularly add frozen veggies to my ramen as it's boiling, but I have never added an egg. Have you? I'm tempted to try one of her suggestions next time!

Packaging that's designed to keep you from using all the product is an annoyance of mine - Squawkfox goes in depth on precisely how much of her lipstick is unavailable to her, and how to get to it. There are lots of great ideas in the comments for other products!

Hey #couponchallengers: printable coupons for June! And some natural and organic coupons!

Two interesting discussions about the modern loss of privacy. I try to be reasonable about protecting my privacy - I have different email addresses for different purposes, I don't save my credit card information anywhere, and I don't fill out any more than the minimum information necessary on social networking sites (and not all of that is 100% accurate...). I do feel that it's a probably to lose privacy, because once given up, it's hard to recover.

Budget and the Beach has a very interesting post on the morals of frugality - Bending the Rules (to save a buck or two). My take? Stealing is defined as depriving someone else of the use of something they are legitimately entitled to. So, sitting in unfilled better seats at a volleyball tournament? No harm, no foul - presumably if the rightful seatholders had shown up, they would have moved. Parking without paying? A risk I wouldn't personally take, because of the risk of a higher fee to pay a parking ticket. Filling up shampoo bottles from home with the gym's expensive stuff? Definitely stealing. Unsecured wi-fi....well, using it doesn't "deprive" the owner so I don't have a problem with that - but I sure wouldn't do anything where my information could be captured over it! Where do you draw the line at bending the rules to save money?

This is a fantastic article about e-book piracy and even more great thoughts in the comments, about e-book pricing and value.

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  1. I frequently cut open plastic containers to retrieve lotion, shampoo, whatever. I have no shame about it; that kind of packaging drives me crazy.


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