Friday, June 1, 2012

May Spending Review

Alcohol $9
Business expenses (deductable) $3.89
Business expenses (reimbursable) $744.73
Car $187.33
Charity $10
Clothing $39.95
Entertainment $6
Food—dining out $246.51
Food—groceries $354.62
Gifts $244.97
Household items $6
House $1,392.29
Hygiene/Medical $662.91
Jeep $43.33
Student loans $403.83
Transportation $50
Utilities $323.52
Yoga $40

Total Spending: $4,768.88

Things of note:

UGGGHHHH, the FOOD SPENDING. Eating out was not so bad, but do you see why I wanted to do a #couponchallenge to bring down the grocery bill? I don't even know what the deal was here - we had two small trips to Costco (less than $30 each) and then just, I don't know, we seemed to go to the grocery store every day for something or other, and dropped like $15 each time It really adds up!

The car fund is a little higher than normal, but not because we drove more - no, we got a parking ticket! This is the second parking ticket I've ever received in my life (the first was on the moving truck in New York City) so I was kind of excited, despite being also bummed. Now we know how to read those meters that take credit cards and make you select a dollar amount instead of a time limit. Expensive lesson!

Gifts covers both the Mother's Day flowers that weren't and were, along with a bachelorette party and wedding gift for some friends. That's our last wedding for a long time!

And our utilities look a little higher than usual, too, but that's because while I was traveling at the end of last month, Peanut paid all the bills - except the electric bill. Their website requires lots of steps, and he didn't realize he missed the last one, so we got a notice that we were late and were dinged a whole dollar as a late fee. Whoops!

Between what we spent on groceries, the parking ticket, and forgetting to pay our electric bill, I'm surprised my pf blogger card has not been revoked this month. At least we managed to put money into savings this month - that sort of helps balance things out.

How'd your May spending go? Any plans for June?

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  1. I hear you on the food spending. I'm terrible when it comes to food as well. It adds up so fast!


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