Friday, June 15, 2012

Mid-Month Goal Check-Up

It's already the middle of June so here's my mid-month goal check-up to make sure I'm still on schedule.

1.  Find a long-arm quilting rental place. I have done some research on where I can go to do this, but I need to measure my quilts and do some calculations. The places I'm considering require a class in order to use their machines (makes sense) which increases the cost substantially over what I was expecting. It may be more cost effective to hire someone to quilt these pieces for me instead. It's not quite as personal, maybe, but no doubt they will be quilted better than I could do!

2. Continue the #couponchallenge. Ongoing! I'm researching a newspaper subscription right now.

3. Keep careful track of my spending. Doing much better than last month - during my first work trip of the month, I tracked everything to the penny, so that was great. I just have to do that on my second trip, too!

4. Be gentle on myself. Going pretty well. I've been careful not to fill up my evenings and weekends since I'm spending half this month traveling for work, and I'm feeling pretty good - not overwhelmed or irritable.

How are your June goals going?

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