Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July Mid-Month Goal Check

Time to check in to see how my July goals are doing!

1. Make a decision on the quilt thing and put it into action. Done! Or, I guess, in progress - I'm taking a class this weekend to get certified on long-arm quilts so I can do my own.

2. Ramp up the #couponchallenge. Going pretty well - I ordered a newspaper subscription so I won't have to remember to go out and get the paper every Sunday. I haven't had a chance to do a double coupon shopping trip yet this month, but I did try out Aldi and I've been clipping consistently! I find that I'm saving 10-30% off the bill during a normal shopping trip, which is pretty good. (But could be better.)

3. Don't go crazy on house spending. I've been doing pretty good with this - I've just been spending in other places. :p

4. Do some garden research. Haven't started yet - I need a free weekend!

5. Pre-order a video game with no guilt. Done! Peanut and I both pre-ordered the game and I'm excited about it!

How are your July goals going?


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