Sunday, July 1, 2012

June Recap/July Goals

June Goals
1.  Find a long-arm quilting rental place. Well, I did all the research and now I just need to make a decision. All the places where you can rent a machine also require you to take a class in order to use it, plus pay for supplies for the class, making this a much more expensive proposition than I first expected. So I need to do some thinking on whether I really want to go this route or send out my finished quilt tops to be professionally done - and I need to decide soon, because one of these is for a baby shower in six weeks!

2. Continue the #couponchallenge. I have to say so-so on this. What with all my traveling, I haven't been doing all the grocery shopping lately, and I also missed two Sunday papers. When I have gone shopping, I've been sure to use coupons, and I can see a significant amount taken off my bill each time. I'm nowhere near Extreme Couponer level, but it's been fun to match sales with coupons!

3. Keep careful track of my spending. I did really well on this during both of my work trips, but we're still not doing great on cash spending. I give this one a C.

4. Be gentle on myself. I think I did really well on this! I have had a lot going on but I haven't been overwhelmed or too stressed about it. Practice makes perfect!

July Goals
1. Make a decision on the quilt thing and put it into action. Self explanatory!

2. Ramp up the #couponchallenge. I'm skipping today's paper since it only has a P&G insert for the holiday, but otherwise I'm going to make sure I get every Sunday paper and use coupons on every shopping trip (unless it's a fresh produce stock-up).

3. Don't go crazy on house spending. We have overnight guests coming and I have a whole list of things I feel like I "need" to have to be a good host (extra, extra pillows, a matching dust ruffle, more towels, etc, etc, etc....). If I find good deals at estate sales or Salvation Army, I guess I can bring it home, but otherwise - no need!

4. Do some garden research. Peanut and I really lucked out on the backyard of this house - it's amazing. Every week something new and beautiful has bloomed. At the same time, we're figuring out who we are as people who own some land to plant things in, and there are aspects of the garden that will not be making it for the long haul. But we're not sure whether we can make some of these changes now or if we need to wait until fall or even next spring - so I'm going to try to do the research to map out a plan so we can schedule everything, and start saving for what we want.

5. Pre-order a video game with no guilt. I know, what a weird thing to say. Well, I'm an underbuyer and I don't like paying full price for things - but Guild Wars 2 is coming out next month and Peanut and I have been waiting for like two years for this. I'm happy to support the makers of the game, and it's the only game I'm likely to buy for the next decade, so I want to be okay with paying full price for it.

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