Saturday, July 14, 2012

Linkfest! Visiting Family Edition

Squawkfox illustrates how to organize the perfect pantry. My favorite takeaway: keep easy meals on one shelf at eye level. Brilliant! I have things organized by boxes/cans/drinks/giant boxes from Costco, which is not quite as useful for meal-planning purposes. I smell a weekend project! (I mean, not really. My pantry doesn't smell, thankyouverymuch.)

Another blog post from the NY Times: the case for spending a little more sometimes. Word. UP. I just wish I could remember this every time I see a pair of cheap black flats on sale at Target.

The Frugal Girl posted a potentially very controversial post about not wanting to "have it all" (according to the traditional metrics), and got a bushelful of smart, amazing comments. I'm with her - some years ago, I realized that I don't really want to be The Boss. And if I don't want to be The Boss, then I'm just a worker bee forever...unless I do some different things, like take time off to raise kids or work part-time or change careers entirely. Doing those things mean that I will never climb The Ladder and fight The Man - and I won't "have it all" in terms of raising kids and having a clean house and being the big kahuna at work all at the same time. And you know what? That's okay.

Wisebread has a great rundown of slow money leaks to check - and fix!

THIS. This is the post I've been looking for about building a home yoga flow - only the word they used was "sequence" so it never came up!

Some really fantastic posts from Get Rich Slowly! Things That are Cheaper To Do Yourself, particularly Which is Cheaper in the Kitchen. Some of the stuff is surprising! I've been totting up the cost of homemade granola to compare to store-bought, but this made me suspect what the answer is.

Mmmm, this tarragon corn chowder recipe from Simply Recipes looks fantastic!

Speaking of soup, Peanut found this very cool cream soup mix recipe from the University of Minnesota's website. Major universities frequently have very useful information for the general public available on their sites - check out some of the ones in your area or elsewhere in the country!

Given the power outages across the country in the last few weeks, Ready Set Simplify has some very good suggestions on being prepared for a power outage. We are...not prepared. Our freezer is already packed with Costco goodies, so there would not be room for jugs of water - I'm afraid we'd lose a lot of food! We do have a case of water bottles in the basement, and now I know to fill up my tub for toilet flushing purposes. Are you ready for an extended power outage?

Squawkfox runs the numbers on cloth diapers, and what she finds is pretty astounding! I was sold on cloth diapers already, but her numbers make the decision almost

Katy at The Nonconsumer Advocate asks readers what their best curbside find is. I have several - my kitchen table and four chairs, a beautiful old wooden desk, several bookshelves, some end tables. I think the desk is my favorite, but the table and chairs have definitely been the most useful! I'm always on the lookout for new pieces to add. (Truthfully, I'm not that worried about bedbugs. I wouldn't pick up a bed, bedframe, mattress, box spring or similar pieces, and I check everything I find before bringing it in the house.)

Small Notebook makes an excellent point about savings and simplicity in her Clear the Free Stuff post: You cannot simplify your life unless you can skip a sale and say "no thanks" to a free offer. This is something I have had to work on in my life!

This fascinating Washington Post article talks about the current and future costs (financial, physical, and social) of air conditioning - a very interesting read! I'm looking forward to picking up the book referenced within. I love having air conditioning, but I find most places to be way over air-conditioned. During Minnesota's recent heat wave, I spent most evenings sitting in my backyard, drinking lemonade and eating popsicles, instead of inside with fake cold air blowing on me. Heaven!

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