Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Please welcome....

....the newest member of the Moneybags household!

This is what's-his-name.

He's been with us for almost a week now, and he's a super sweetie. He likes to cuddle, knead, and lick your hands while you pet him, and I'm totally smitten.

Since this is a money blog, I guess I am happy to report that we got a half-price kitty. He'd been up for adoption for several months, and I didn't want to think why they cut his adoption fee in half, but I would've paid full price twice over once I fell in love with him, so I guess it was a bargain all around. We didn't go all out with the cat stuff - just litter + box, small bowls (small porcelain human bowls, not special cat bowls - cheaper!), and some basic food (exactly what he was eating at the shelter). I borrowed a carrier to bring him home and have since bought a second-hand one for future vet visits. I'm on the lookout for a cheap scratching post on Craigslist as well. I've got a coupon for a free vet visit, and beyond regular checkups, I don't expect he'll cost us a bunch of money. (I hope.) He's six years old, so he's no spring chicken - but he's also a healthy six years old, so is probably free of genetic diseases and problems.

It's been years since I had a pet, and I've had a small, cat-shaped hole in my life for a decade. I'm a total sucker for all-black cats, and I am also thrilled that Peanut's allergies are tolerating the cat really well (he grew up with cats, so it's not a huge surprise, but I want both of the dudes in my life to live happily and healthily in my house with me!).

I think we've settled on a real-life name, but I haven't thought of one for the blog. Any ideas?


  1. put soft paws on his claws to save your furniture. They are very easy to use, but it is a 2 person job. One to hold the cat and one to do the

  2. Aww :) Pets are awesome! I'm really bad at coming up with blog names, so I don't have any suggestions there. He looks like a really sweet cat, though!

  3. He is really a cutie. Im not certain a good name for him but hes such a boy he needs a strong male name. My pets are named as part of a set.

  4. How about midnight?

    Love the cat! :) And I'm not even a cat person. And I'm much more scared of black cats... but I love them from far and adore the elegance and attitude of cats!!


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