Friday, July 13, 2012

Who's awesome?

Peanut and I are awesome, that's who.


Because we both got significant raises on Wednesday.

I knew I was going to get a raise, because my review had been delayed to give my boss and her boss more time to argue for more money for me (w00t!). I didn't know how much, but I knew it would be more than the standard 2% - I guessed between 8-10%. I was delighted to get 14.2%! (I also got a glowing review with some great goals for the coming year - I am feeling the love from my job and am loving all over it in response right now.)

When I got back to my desk, I g-chatted at Peanut to share the news and found out that he'd ALSO gotten a raise! He got 10% (which, since he makes more than me, made our raises almost identical in dollar amounts). What a day!

I am frequently reminded of how lucky we are. Quitting our jobs to move across the country last year - just because we wanted to - really could have gone badly for us in this economy. I'm so pleased and thankful that it didn't.

As for what we're doing with that money? Well, saving it, mostly. We're not living with an on-paper, on-purpose budget right now, instead relying on tracking spending to keep us focused on our goals. Every month I transfer over whatever's left into savings, which goes into a couple of pots: Roth IRA, emergency fund building, Jeep repairs, travel, medical deductible (we have a high one!) and taxes. We'll just be tucking away a little more going forward.

How's your week been?


  1. Yay! How great that you both got one!
    We plan on moving in the next few months, so I'm pleased to see that such a big decision can turn out well :)

  2. Congratulations on the raise. Wow, what a GREAT start to your weekend. You were so courageous to have moved -- I'm so excited for you both. :)

  3. I'm waaaay behind on commenting on blogs - but I wanted to say congratulations to the two of you!

    Also, congratulations on the new cat too! Maybe congrats isn't the right word, but very exciting!


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