Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Recap/August Goals

July Recap
1. Make a decision on the quilt thing and put it into action. Success! I am now certified to use long-arm quilting machines...and I've actually finished my first quilt! I am handstitching the binding this week, then it'll be a baby shower gift next month. This project was so fun - I'm already working on a few more!

2. Ramp up the #couponchallenge. So-so. I did sign up for a newspaper subscription, but it hasn't started showing up yet - and I forgot to pick up a paper with coupons one weekend. Oops. But I've been pretty good about using coupons on every shopping trip, and am saving on average 10-15% off the bill.

3. Don't go crazy on house spending. I did pretty good - I don't think I bought anything for the house! (Not for lack of trying.) I still want to use up an almost-expired Bed Bath & Beyond coupon to get more silverware, washcloths, and handtowels, and I've got my eye out for some specific furnishings from Goodwill or estate sales, but nothing crazy.

4. Do some garden research. I did a little research and found some books I want to check out of the library, but I did not put the focus into this that I intended to. Next month!

5. Pre-order a video game with no guilt. Success! Guild Wars 2 has been pre-ordered, I've already played some of the early bonus content, and I'm really excited about it.

August Goals
1. Do some garden research. I suspect we'll have to stop doing research and start doing in the fall to get ready for next spring, so no excuses!

2. Continue on with the #couponchallenge. I'm going to keep this going through Labor Day, so it's time to buckle down and get some good data to crunch at the end of the challenge.

3. Set an entertainment budget and then enjoy spending it! August marks the opening of both the Minnesota State Fair and the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, and I'm going to both at least once. I want to find discount tickets and set a budget for how much to spend on food at each. I don't buy souvenirs or anything, I just like to buy food - but I find that I enjoy myself more if I have to be a little picky instead of just getting whatever my little heart desires. Setting a budget is a good way to enforce that.

4. Start thinking about food differently. I recently read In Defense of Food and Food Rules by Michael Pollan, and I keep coming back to this understanding that what we eat affects almost everything about our lives. I'm very lucky that I've never needed to diet for weight loss, but as I get older, the foods I eat affect me in different ways, and I'm just starting to realize that it's time to cut out processed stuff, added sugars, and as many artificial colors, flavors, and additives as possible. It's really hard to do! But I like the way he terms these types of not-really-foodstuffs as edible foodlike substances. If I can keep that in my mind (along with the Prairie Eco Thrifter's comparison of what we spend on a Starbucks drink versus an heirloom tomato), I think it'll help.

5. Yoga. At home. Three times a week. (Plus one class per week.) Please help keep me honest!

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  1. Sugar can really do a number on me. I like the idea of totally avoiding processed stuff, but sometimes the convenience gets the best of me. But I'm doing much much better, especially considering the types of stuff I was raised on!

    Good luck this month! Please do share more about your yoga routine (i.e. how long do you spend, when do you do it, how do you get in the mindset, or whatever else you find may be helpful!)


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