Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Spending Recap

Alcohol $26.44
Business expenses (deductable) $3.89
Business expenses (reimbursable) $976.87
Cat $146.36
Charity $10
Clothing $60.54
Electronics $65.01
Entertainment $193.80
Food—dining out $195.06
Food—groceries $364.37
Gardening $13.99
Household items $9.61
House $1,366.54
Hygiene/Medical $6.44
Jeep $76.91
Mazda $110.55
Sewing/Quilting $318.86
Student loans $403.83
Utilities $301.98
Yoga $40

Total Spending: $4,389.07
Things of note:

Some part of the sewing/quilting fee could be categorized as "gifts", I guess, since I spent some of that renting a long-arm machine specifically for the quilt I'll be giving as a gift. But I'm also gathering useful skills that I'll keep long after this quilt is given, so...

Our house payment went down! Well, not really - our taxes went down, which we actually got a small refund for last month. I'll take it!

Eating out spending was quite lower than last month, but groceries were higher, even though I'm doing the #couponchallenge! However, I was traveling for half of June and not buying groceries during that time, plus we hosted at least two gatherings at our house in July which means more food spending. If you compare our grocery total to typical months where we eat at home more, our spending is right on track - but I feel like I got a lot more for the money than usual, which is a good sign that the #couponchallenge is working!

How was your July spending? Any surprises? 


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