Monday, August 13, 2012

Things I want to spend money on

Right now, I want to buy:

For the bedroom:
* Some leather-like storage thingies to put extra blankets in (something like this)

For the bathroom:
* Something like this or this to store towels in
* New exhaust fan (ours rattles, but works fine)

For The Room (living/dining/office - main room where we spend the most time)
* New dining chairs (really, I should just reupholster and fix the ones I have)
* Folding chairs for additional seating when we have people over
* More bookshelves (lots and lots more bookshelves)
* A bigger kitchen/dining table or one with a leaf for more board game room
* Colorful throw pillows for the couch
* Matching desks and desk chairs for me and Peanut
* A big comfy lounge chair for reading in

For me
* Work pants
* New unmentionables
* New shoes

For the guest room
* A headboard
* A feather bed thing to make the bed softer
* Dresser or nightstand

* A hammock
* A clothesline
* Another hanging clothes dryer
* More art for the walls in almost every room
* Canning stuff
* Deep freeze

I don't need any of this stuff, and I sure can't afford ALL of it. But I'm keeping my eyes peeled at Goodwill and estate sales for cheap versions of the things I want.

What are you wanting to buy lately?


  1. I really want a small (5 or 7 cubic feet) chest freezer! It could fit in our kitchen once the housemate moves out and we rearrange the remaining furniture. Added it to the wedding registry, just in case... but that thing's really more of a saving/shopping list for the two of us.

  2. Can't wait for Target to come to Canada ! I want those leather storage things for my rec room !! I just bought a home and in dire need of living room furniture ! The orange corduroy hand-me-downs just aren't doing it for me. :P

  3. A metal detector. And a Geiger counter.



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