Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A meta coupon moment

Quick #couponchallenge anecdote (a full update is coming soon!):

I've been picking up a newspaper every Sunday this summer to do the #couponchallenge, and the cost is $1.75 per week. So when I found a coupon that would give me a 13-week subscription for $1.25 per issue, I jumped on it.

Problem is, it's been almost three months since I found that coupon and sent it in along with payment, and I've yet to receive my subscription! They only cashed the check last week, so hopefully it'll start showing up soon, but it's way later than I expected. I've been annoying this subscription company with regular emails, and they have perfected the art of ignoring me.

Also, in the meantime, I found a coupon for a subscription for $1 per week - direct from the newspaper. In general, I like to cut out the middleman, but because I had already mailed off the check, I didn't want to sign up direct and then start getting (and paying for) TWO papers each week.

Potential lesson learned: sometimes it's better to not use a coupon, especially if it requires working with a middleman.

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  1. Next time if you get a coupon like that from a third-party, call the paper and tell them what you find, and it's likely they would match it.


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