Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August Recap/September Goals

August Goals
1. Do some garden research. I got a few books out of the library, but I also turned this project entirely over to Peanut. Frankly, I have a lot going on right now, and he's more interested in the garden than I am!

2. Continue on with the #couponchallenge. Ongoing!

3. Set an entertainment budget and then enjoy spending it! Success! I went to the state fair and the Renaissance Festival, and ate great at both places - and didn't spend a fortune doing it.

4. Start thinking about food differently. I have definitely been thinking about food differently since learning I am pregnant! So, success, but not for the reasons I expected.

5. Yoga. At home. Three times a week. (Plus one class per week.) Utter failure. And I don't even care - I managed to go to my regular yoga class a few times, and will be starting prenatal yoga soon. The physical changes I'm feeling already leave me very leery of doing poses without understanding what's safe for my body at this point in time.

September Goals1. Spend some money on the house! We've had some ideas about things we want to do to or buy for the house ever since we moved in, but we keep coming up with reasons not to do them. I'm starting to feel like if we don't do them now, we won't get to them - so it's time. Here's the short list:

  • "built in" bookshelves and desks (also means new computer chairs)
  • enough bookshelves to hold all our books
  • solve the linen storage problem (move or purchase a cabinet for the upstairs hallway, purchase one or two leatherette storage ottomans for the bedroom)
  • reupholster the dining chairs and fix the loose seats
2. Research and book childbirth and prenatal yoga classes, research and choose a pediatrician, and begin researching daycare options. Lots to do on the baby front, but most of it (so far) doesn't involve the fun stuff like shopping for itty-bitty socks. That'll come a few months from now, I guess.

3. Start considering alternative financial arrangements, and do some stuff I put off. I am planning on going back to work, but what if I change my mind? Or what if I deliver early or am put on bedrest? I'd like to take a look at our finances and make some plans for these situations. Also, I gave up on setting up wills and medical directives last year; we need to take care of that asap. I'm putting clean out the filing cabinet in this bucket also.

4. Set an entertainment budget and stick to it. There are lots of little festivals and fairs this time of year, and I don't want to get carried away attending all of them. We've been to the pricey ones - state fair and ren fest - already (though we might go back to ren fest once) but I've pretty much got two or three on the calendar for each weekend, plus we want to do seasonal stuff like go apple picking. Time to start culling!

5. Start doing some stockpiling. I'm not much of one for stockpiling really - we don't have a ton of storage space, and with just two people we don't plow through food, personal care products or other things that tend to get stockpiled. However, looking ahead I can see how nice it'll be to not need to go to the store once a week in January weather. So I'm starting to look for a used deep freezer on Craigslist, so I can do some freezer cooking later this fall. I'm noting opportunities at Costco and other places to stock up on staples, especially where we're brand-sensitive. And everyone's telling me to stock up on diapers, so I'll start clipping those coupons and watching for sales, too! (I plan to cloth diaper, but will want to have some disposables on hand for emergencies and traveling. Might as well get 'em cheap.)

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