Thursday, September 6, 2012

August Spending Recap

Alcohol $20.99
Baby $47.34
Business expenses (deductable) $3.89
Business expenses (reimbursable) $300.08
Cat $87.87
Charity $10
Clothing $3.49
Entertainment $46.90
Food—dining out $239.99
Food—groceries $371.40
Gifts $2.98
Household items $84.45
House $1,545.68
Jeep $94.27
Mazda $105.41
Sewing/Quilting $338.07
Student loans $403.83
Travel $642.00
Utilities $315.53

Total Spending: $4,839.58
Things of note:

New category: baby! We doing what J$ is doing and tracking all the expenses relating to this baby (and any future ones, as separate entities) down to special vitamins or clothing that I need to buy while pregnant all the way through college costs. We promise not to hold it over baby's head!

The house category is a little higher than usual because we had to have a plumber come out and snake out our kitchen drain line - something we probably should have done when we first moved in (it's always drained slowly) but something that had to get done last month (when water stopped draining entirely, with two full sinks of grossness, five minutes before we were leaving the house for an entire day). That was money well worth it!

Sewing/Quilting expenses were higher because of my new sewing machine, so that's a one-time expense. I'm hoping to finish two quilts here in the next two months, so that'll be a little more cost with Minky backing to buy (ie, the expensive soft stuff) and long arm machine rental, but then I'll probably take a break for a long time!

Helicopter got an addendum: robot. Peanut built one with a friend, and it's a cute little thing. It can roll around a room and sense obstacles, and move around them. Like a Roomba that doesn't vacuum, but they built it themselves!

How was your August spending?


  1. Just a quick query, have you gone through all the items you own in your house already and that can be used for baby. My husband and I are expexting in December and have done this. We have decided that one of the 3 daypacks we own can be the baby bag, we rearranged items and a small bookshelf if now ready for baby stuff, we made our own artwork and used photoframes we had. We have been told by other mothers to be careful about pre buying too many nappies as they fit differently and it is best to figure out which is best for baby once they arrive instead of spending lots of $$$$$$ on nappies you can't use.
    All the best.

  2. which sewing machine did you get? Curious minds want t oknow. :)

    1. Hi Kay,

      I got a Brother HS-2000 Project Runway Limited Edition machine. It's really nice - much fancier than I had expected to get, but because it was the shop floor model, I got a good deal on it, plus I traded in my old machine towards the new-to-me one and a pricey walking foot. My favorite feature is the needle up/down option - something I really wanted and didn't think I'd be able to afford!


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