Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Consignment Sales

I have found a new holy grail sale, and it is not held in a garage.

Oh, no.

It is the kids consignment sale.

This is not to be confused with a consignment store, although it works pretty much the same way. Sellers provide clothing and other kids' stuff to be sold in a central location, and the organizers collect a percentage to cover the space, advertising and overhead.

I went to my first sale last week and I was really amazed. Garage sale prices, but better quality. Effectively, multiple sales under one roof. Crazy deals. Half-price days. Pre sales for new moms. And on and on. I got a giant trash bag of clothes for Baby M and for me, a boppy, a mobile, crib sheets, blankets, change pad cover, carseat bunting, and tons more for just $75. The mobile and the boppy alone would have cost that much new, and I got way better prices than what people are asking on Craigslist!

I WISH they had these for other things, like household items, or regular adult womens' clothing. I would go to them all.

From what I hear from experienced moms, you can get into a very nice cycle of selling off your old, gently-used kids' clothes and accessories in order to do your shopping for the upcoming season. I'm all about this, and have already started a box of items to sell at the next sale.

Have you ever been to a consignment sale?

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  1. The kid consignment sales are the best! The quality is better than at the kid consignment stores, and you only have to go ONCE. I struggle with the patience needed to do well shopping at garage sales and thrift stores, so these sales are perfect for me. I took care of the bulk of my 2-year-old son's birthday, Christmas, and wardrobe for less than $120 this fall.


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