Sunday, October 7, 2012


This linkfest is brought to you by our cat, who is snoring adorably next to me right now.

Married with Debt
ponders life insurance for the working woman who doesn't have the higher salary and Money Q&A argues that even stay-at-home spouses need life insurance.  Whether you work outside the home full or part-time or you're a stay at home mom or dad, it's important to think about your contributions to your family in monetary terms, and make arrangements to continue those contributions in case the worst should happen.

I've been enjoying Budget and the Beach's updates on how she earns money via TaskRabbit. I love earning money in random ways, and I wish it had been around when I had time to do those sorts of things!

Four from Lifehacker: Finding a replacement when an online service you love shuts down (I really just like the links at the bottom of the article!) and reviving and refreshing foods that aren't quite fresh anymore (brilliant!). Facebook is up to shenanigans again with tracking things you do on AND offline - here's how to opt out. And keep this infographic handy for when bad things happen.

Budgets Are Sexy weighs the pros and cons of 529 college savings accounts. We haven't even started thinking of college savings yet - we'll get to it later this year though!

As usual, A Practical Wedding has something timely and spectacular for me to read: Pregnant While Feminist. (Editor's note: I was still pregnant when I read this. ;])

One Frugal Girl has kicked coupons to the curb. I haven't exactly done this - I just got my newspaper subscription situation worked out! - but I never did get drugstore couponing down. It's just too complicated for me, and I don't need most of that stuff or I'm brand loyal on those products anyway.

Plunged in Debt shares her meal planning guide - which allows her to keep her family's grocery budget to just $300 Canadian.

Trent at The Simple Dollar puts financial (and other) decisions in perspective by sharing the levels of thinking about life and money. This is a really eye-opening look at how the decisions that "don't matter" really do.

Erin at $5 Dinners has a list of items she's making to stock the freezer before her new baby is born. I am in the weird position of my baby already being born, but I'm totally going to stock the freezer for her arrival home this winter. Do you have any great freezer recipes to share with me?

Speaking of recipes, The Prudent Homemaker has a list of recipes featuring beans - enough to eat them every night!

Mom Life Today has freezer recipes that'll take you just an hour each week.

Blessed Beyond a Doubt has a list of fall crockpot recipes.

And Meet Penny shared the ultimate beans and rice recipe list.

What great posts have you read this week?

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  1. Thanks for the link love! I'm really happy to have discovered taskrabbit. I hope they expand so other cities can take advantage of it!


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