Saturday, October 27, 2012


Via The Consumerist: If you are ever within an hour or two drive of Unclaimed Baggage, you should absolutely go. I've scored all kinds of crazy deals there, and I love the randomness of the items for sale. I hate to think of the people whose stuff has been lost, but I do like benefiting.

Rachel at Small Notebook asks, "Do I work for this house, or does the house work for me?" RIGHT ON. I try to remember that I like things to be a certain way for company, but the reality is that I live in my house 365 days a year, and ultimately, it needs to work for ME to live in it - not look nice for guests but be a pain to deal with.

I love this list of 42 Things in 42 Years that Budget and the Beach has learned.

From Lifehacker: Things for the homeowner to do before winter hits (um, note to self: it SNOWED* here the other day, so get on these things!), ways to earn money online (I'm trying some of these out, just to see how legitimate they are),

I'm adding these break-and-bake cookies from $5 Dinners to my freezer cooking list for sure!

A guest post at Money Saving Mom details five mindsets that are imperative for frugal living. The comments section has great advice, too.

I just love Sqauwkfox's pictorial how-tos, and this cheap nursery wall art post couldn't come at a better time for me!

*Okay, it didn't stick. But still.

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