Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Recap/November Goals

October Recap
1. Stay on top of medical bills. Success-ish. Which is to say that I'm doing my part to stay on top of things, but I have no control over whether they handle their follow up in a timely manner. :p

2. Watch food spending. 
Success. I've pretty much quit grocery shopping so things don't go bad. I cleaned out the fridge, freezer and pantry in anticipation of Baby's arrival home, so I have a good sense of what we have. And I did do a little bit of freezer cooking, with what little room remains in our freezers aside from what I'm pumping.  

3. Start planning for when Baby comes home. 
Success. The nursery is taking shape. I made a big long list of to-dos before she comes home, and I'm steadily checking things off. They include things like finishing the quilt for her room, writing Christmas cards, reorganizing my clothes so that nursing-unfriendly clothes are stored out of the way, getting the car's oil changed and filling in her baby book. 

4. Take advantage of paying out our deductible. 
Peanut went to the dermatologist and I got my flu shot. 

5. Take a break. 
I have been careful to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night, even when waking once or twice per night to pump. I have taken some time to meet friends for a beer (pump and dump!), pass out Halloween candy to the neighbors' kids, and go back to yoga. I certainly haven't been having a life of leisure, but I have been successful in staying well and somewhat balanced. 

November Goals
1. Self-care. I go back to work next week until Baby M comes home from the hospital, so I need to be extra vigilant about taking care of myself, getting enough sleep, pumping frequently and not getting stressed out. 

2. Financial plan of action for Baby's homecoming. We will be dropping to one income when Baby M first comes home, for an indefinite period of time. I will feel more comfortable about this by having a budget in place (which will also stop me from buying cute baby clothes just because they're cute!). 

3. Ask for help. There are some projects I've undertaken that I am just not going to be able to finish on my own; for example, Baby M's quilt. I have finished the piecing of it and will hopefully pick up some backing this week, but it's awfully unrealistic to think I am also going to drive 30 miles to rent a longarm machine for a day to do the quilting - when I could be at the hospital snuggling or reading to my baby. I need some help with this and some other projects. 

4. Figure out taxes for 2012 and make adjustments. I need to do a dry-run of our taxes, which are going to be a nightmare this year, in order to make any last-minute adjustments. We'll be contributing to our Roths, but we have until April to do that. I'm thinking of things like charitable contributions and particularly scheduling dental work. If our medical spending is more than 7.5% of our income, we can deduct the overage, which will determine whether I schedule some procedures this year or next. 

5. Not go crazy on the baby spending. There's another consignment sale this month that I want to go to, and I am having two baby showers the same week. Those things, plus a package of preemie diapers and a new crib and car seat, really should cover all the possible needs we have for baby, at least at first. I really don't need more adorable preemie onesies, as cute as they are. 

What are your goals for November?


  1. Is there a date for Baby M's homecoming?! :)

  2. I can't imagine how much adjustment comes with bringing a newborn baby home! Congrats on making it a goal to take some time for yourself!


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