Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Spending

Baby $358.93
Business expenses (deductable) $13.76
Cat $83.57
Charity $10
Clothing $27.79
Dental $333.40
Food—dining out $215.68
Food—groceries $135.19
Gifts $38.21
Household items $114.95
House $1,661.54
Hygiene $5.75
Jeep $95.16
Mazda $218.95
Medical $1315.04
Student loans $403.83
Transportation $100
Utilities $296.70

Total Spending: $5,428.45

Things of note:
Not too much out of the ordinary here. Our food costs are pretty low since I am eating at least one meal at the hospital each day, taking advantage of not having to think too much or spend money on preparing meals.

We have one outstanding bill to meet our deductible, which I will pay when I get an itemized statement from the hospital, so that should be the end of our medical spending for the year.

How was your October spending?

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