Thursday, October 4, 2012

September Spending

Baby $137.77
Business expenses (deductable) $3.89
Business expenses (reimbursable) $65.89
Cat $206.20
Charity $10
Entertainment $53
Food—dining out $325.64
Food—groceries $189.71
Gifts $86.29
Household items $24.71
House $1,465.54
Jeep $27.36
Mazda $61.95
Medical $22.99
Student loans $403.83
Utilities $285.21

Total Spending: $3,369.98
Things of note:

When half (and then 2/3) of the Moneybags household winds up in the hospital for half the month, it makes for less spending than usual! Of course, that's only because the bills haven't started arriving yet...

The biggest surprise is the cat bill - poor thing got a skin infection of some sort right before I went on a trip and then went to the hospital, so we weren't able to get him to the vet for three weeks, by which time they weren't sure what caused it. So we treated him for parasites, fleas, fungus, and something else, just to be safe. I'm surprised he doesn't hate me now given the amount of pills and liquid meds I've forced down his throat in the last two weeks. But he's looking better, and part of what we paid for is a health maintenance plan that gets him unlimited free office visits - so next time it won't be such a problem to have a friend run him over to the vet if need be.

How was your September spending?


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