Sunday, December 2, 2012

November Recap/December Goals

November Goals
1. Self-care. I am doing okay on this. I've been eating really well and trying to get enough sleep. I have scheduled the rest of my vacation days so that I have a day off every two or three days. I've been strict about bringing my pump with me everywhere. I have worked so hard to build a solid milk supply without actually breastfeeding, and I do not want to endanger it. 

2. Financial plan of action for Baby's homecoming. We have made some plans for how to handle our money while we're down to one income - I took my paid disability leave last time, so we weren't exactly down to one income. When I go back on leave it will be solidly single income, and it'll be for a longer period of time, so we better know that we can pull this off!

3. Ask for help. Fail - I haven't talked to anyone about helping me with the quilts. Ultimately, I realized that the quilts don't need to be done before she comes home, and I don't need to deal with them right now. As usual, I'm trying to do everything myself so it gets done right. :p

4. Figure out taxes for 2012 and make adjustments. I didn't do a dry run after all - Turbo Tax 2012 isn't available until early December. So this goes back on the list!

5. Don't go crazy on the baby spending. I did pretty good on this. We got the crib on sale and a ton of stuff from consignment sales and baby showers. The only thing we still need to buy is a car seat (no, I didn't go on Black Friday after all). And preemie-sized diapers. Lots and lots of diapers. (I'm holding off on this in the hope that she will be in newborn sizes when she comes home, and will therefore fit into the cloth diapers I bought on Craigslist.)

December Goals
1. Cancel Christmas. This is on my list every year and probably should have been done earlier than this but whatever. I just want to let our families know that we will not be doing any shopping this year, and we would prefer to not receive any gifts, either - it creates a sense of obligation and besides, we don't need anything. 

2. Pay off my student loans. Woo hoo, this is a big one! I'll make a separate post about this soon. 

3. Hunker down for one-income living. Last chance before it gets real!

4. Dry-run taxes and if it makes sense, get dental work done. I have close to $1,000 worth of (yet more) dental work I need to get done, and given our medical spending this year it might make sense to do it in 2012 instead of 2013, so we can deduct it. If it doesn't make a difference financially, I'd just as soon wait to do it because my time is so precious right now. 

5. Buy nothing for Baby M but diapers and a car seat! Seriously, we don't need anymore baby stuff. Even if it's cute. Even if it's on sale. Even if it's holiday-themed. 

What are your December goals?

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