Sunday, December 16, 2012

This should really tell you something about us.

Peanut and I went crazy at Target the other night!

It was ten o'clock at night. We had just left the hospital after snuggling Baby M into bed. We were exhausted and kind of loopy and we were out of milk. I also needed baby fingernail clippers. We decided to stop at Target, and I asked whether  I should just run in or if Peanut wanted to come in too. Then he said, "Let's just look around together."

Woo hoo! We never just go shopping for shopping's sake! Never! We always have a list and a plan and a desire to get in and get out as quickly as possible! We were breaking all of our rules!

We bought whatever we wanted. But just to show how cheap we are when it comes to going crazy, here is a list of everything we bought:

Slippers for Peanut (his existing ones have broken)
Gloves for Peanut (his old ones had an unfixable hole in them)
A Christmas stocking for Baby M
Baby nail clippers (in blue; the pink ones were $1.50 more)
A loofah for me
A gallon of milk
A package of pancake-sausage corndog things
A package of veggie sausage links
Two Annie Chun's soup bowls

Grand total: $32.79

Which we paid for with a Target gift card that we got at our baby shower.

Watch out, we are cRaZy!!1!1


  1. Ha ha. Well, an unrestrained Target shopping trip is one of the joys in life, so I'm glad you were able to enjoy one!

  2. That's what happens to me at Target, too! Oh, I need those things I didn't realize or remember I needed! Whoops.


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