Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 Spending Recap


Alcohol $99
Baby $1959.93
Blog $115.09
Business (Deductable) $56.55
Business (Reimbursable) $8,700.99
Car (Jeep) $5,294.55
Car (Mazda) $2,752.53
Cat $651.70
Cell phones $1,338.04
Charity $410
Clothing $387.65
Dental $2,155.80
Electric $524.83
Electronics $119.66
Entertainment $476.64
Food - Groceries $3,106.28
Food - Eating Out $3,256.58
Gardening $13.99
Gas $504
Gifts $756.77
Helicopter/Robot $231.30
House $44,538.07
Household $1,604.11
Hygiene $286.30
Insurance (Life/Disability) $989.96
Internet $508.06
Medical $2,393.41
Moving $477
Mystery Shopping $41.45
Mystery Shopping Income $34
Rent $450
Sewing/Quilting $913
Transportation $600.53
Travel $884.29
Vacation $1,242.53
Water & Trash $649.05
Yoga $235

Grand Total: $88,767.64

Student Loans
Student Loan Payments $12,721.90
Student Loan Interest Charged $1,426.96
Difference in debt load: $11,116.31

Retirement Contributions
Personal 401(k) Contributions: $1,625.98
Capital Gains & Business Contributions: $11,425.72
Difference in retirement funds: $13,051.70

You can compare these numbers to 2010 and 2011.

Things of Note:
Retirement contributions this year are just my 401(k) - we sent money to the student loans instead of contributing to a Roth this year, and Peanut's boss got things together for his IRA so last minute that we're just counting it all for 2013, since we don't even have the final account balance yet.

Our spending appears much higher than the last few years, but if you take into account the big down payment that we made on our house and that I had almost $9,000 in expenses that were fully reimbursed by my company, it's not far off. Even better, if you don't count the purchase of a second vehicle, our general cost of living expenses have gone down!

It's interesting to see that our grocery spending has remained pretty static over three years despite living in cities with different costs of living. I'm especially glad to see that our eating out expenditures went down from last year!

I'm pretty happy with our overall picture, and interested to see how 2013 shapes up, without my income for half the year and with all the new baby expenses we'll have.

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